Vote Zerlina Smith

Karen Lewis with Zerlina Smith

Zerlina Smith with CTU President Karen Lewis

My name is Zerlina Smith. I am not running as a politician but as an independent grassroots activist. I have been fighting for justice my entire adult life because I believe that people should have the power to make decisions over their own lives and their own communities.

I have been endorsed  by the Chicago Teachers Union, Action Now, United Working Families, SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana, Illinois Citizens Action, Grassroots Action Illinois, the Green Party of Chicago, the Caucus of Rank and File Educators and the International Socialist Organization-Chicago.

Many of our current elected officials don’t see the people of the 29th ward as a priority. They allow our community to be sold out: cutting our pensions, letting corporate education profiteers take over our schools, and not standing up for working families who need good jobs at a  living wage.

It is our skills, our pride and our ingenuity have built this city and it is WE WHO KEEP CHICAGO RUNNING.

It’s time for working families to take charge and take back Chicago. It’s time for a candidate who comes from the people to work with the people and create progressive change.



Vote Zerlina Smith for Chicago city Council (High resolution)